Executive chef, entertainer, tour guide, friend. Massimo is all of these things and much more - he loves to share his passion for Italian food and culture with everyone he meets. His “family style” approach to cooking is as much a life philosophy as it is the way he serves a meal and shares his homeland.

Whether you'd like to learn how to cook Italian in your home, take a once in a lifetime trip to Massimo's home region of incredible Puglia in Italy, join some new friends at a Supper Club or want Massimo to cater your next event, this is the place to learn more about what he offers and who he is. Benvenuto!

We look forward to being at the table together! 


Each month, Massimo hosts a group of 30-35 people at his kitchen studio in Toronto. He features a different region of Italy and explains what the region is known for, how the people and culture influence the food and its preparation, and of course, he prepares a delicious multi-course meal.

Guests are seated at a long harvest table and the food is served in traditional Italian family style. You can eat as little or as much as you wish. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. Grab your wine and join us, or sign up for my newsletter (above) to make sure you don’t miss your favourite region.

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Join a small, friendly group of foodies on a journey to Massimo Bruno's hometown, deep in rural Italy. Stay in a luxury historic farmhouse for a week as you visit the local markets and choose the best ingredients for your hands-on cooking classes. Massimo will introduce you to all the characters, from the olive farmer to a local historian - but best of all, one night he even takes the group to visit his mom for dinner! These tours run every year, and always sell out.

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My philosophy is to not how to cook Italian but how to think Italian in your cooking. This is really important before start cooking italian, because cooking Italian means buy and source the best ingredients like olive oil, good tomatoes etc. and also work for the food, travel, buy it almost daily and you’ll see the taste already with this easy steps because cooking Italian isn’t just cooking but it’s also is a style of life and a way of thinking.

If you’re thinking or organizing a group cooking class, I host them at my private kitchen or I come in your home and we cook all together and learn more about Italian cuisine and as a good Italian I’ll make your kitchen work, you don’t need a super commercial kitchen to cook Italian, you just need good ingredients.

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Bringing the authentic Italian experience to your next event, Massimo cooks for groups as small as 20 to large groups of up to 200, depending on the event. He's cooked for

birthdays and anniversaries
family and friends dinners
summer garden parties
romantic intimate dinners
corporate dinners
holiday parties

The food and the menus are adapted to your needs, and the type or style of event you are having, with a menu that pleases everyone, while always keeping it authentically Italian.

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Using your kitchen, Massimo prepares authentic Italian food for your guests.  Just like in Italy, Massimo serves food casually with a “Family style” approach so you can share and try different varieties of food.

Working with whatever equipment you have in your kitchen, Massimo takes care of all the cooking and the plating… so don’t be offended to have an appetizers on your kids plates.   Zia Rosa’s lessons to Mass as a young boy were well learned “when you’re cooking use what you have because we have more than we think!” which Massimo translates into “dal niente si fa tutto” or in English “from nothing comes everything”.

Working only with the freshest and best Italian ingredients available, from the olive oil to the best Italian flour for bread, your food is delicious and lovingly prepared.  Massimo also provides cooking lessons for those who are looking to learn the traditional ways of authentic Italian cooking.

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