About Massimo Bruno

Massimo Bruno is a popular Italian chef, teacher, tour guide and media personality who was raised in the Southern Italian region of Puglia before emigrating to Toronto in 2001, where he lives today with his wife and daughter. 

Massimo learned the art of Italian cooking from some its finest practitioners, like his mother, Francesca Bruno, his aunt Rosa (of Toronto’s Seven Numbers) and any of the other mothers in his hometown Bitritto who would let him into their kitchens. 

When he’s not preparing Italian food, Massimo is usually talking about it. He’s passionate about traditional, authentic cuisine and how it varies in the country’s many regions. He sees Italian cooking as a way of thinking about food, not just a collection of recipes. And true to his southern roots, he prefers “family style” eating because food always tastes better when it is shared.


The Massimo Bruno kitchen studio in downtown Toronto offers a wide variety of services that include:  

Massimo is regularly featured in the English and Italian press in Canada, and recently launched the innovative new cooking app, Product of Italy.