This is for sure one of my most popular supper clubs, a great way to welcome the Fall by celebrating one of the finest Italian regions. Piedmont is where the best white truffles in the world are found and November is when they are in season. It's also where Signori Barolo and Barbaresco are from....enough said!  

Tonight Piedmont will be yours to discover, and I can't wait to cook it for you! 

Here it is a sample menu:


Focaccia, of course!

Charcoal roasted peppers and asparagus with Bagna Cauda sauce (anchovy and garlic)

Trota al Tartufo (rainbow trout with truffle and butter) 

Vitello Tonnato (thin-sliced veal with tuna and caper sauce) 

Sformato di Patate e Toma Piemontese (Piedmont style scallop potatoes with truffle) 



Tajarin delle Langhe (handmade semolina and egg yolk pasta with butter, sage and truffle)

Risotto al Barbera (red wine and sausage risotto with parmigiano)



Brasato al Barolo (braised beef in red wine with carrots, celery and onion) 

Zucchini in Carpione and Fresh Salad with Giovanna's dressing



Souffle alla Gianduia con Crema Chantilly (warm hazelnut chocolate with Créme Chantilly)


Have lots of fun choosing a wine from Piedmont, there is lots to choose from: Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera, and Dolcetto d'Alba are popular reds; Gavi and Langhe are excellent choices if you prefer white.