Italy has an incredible variety of cheeses. There are at least 400 DOPs – distinct, quality cheeses that are typical of a certain area. And when you consider fresh and aged versions, and regional variations, there are literally thousands of Italian cheeses. 

Because of high demand there are many imitations, but more Toronto stores are starting to carry good quality imported cheeses. And if you’re interested in the real thing, there’s no better person to sample it with than my friend Gaia Massai. 

Gaia is a leading expert on Italian food. She makes and imports her own wine and olive oil, and is a regular lecturer on Italian cuisine at the Italian Institute of Culture. I am very excited to be collaborating with her on this event. 

Guests will sample cheeses from a variety of Italian regions, learn about their history and how they’re made, and get practical tips for buying, storing and serving these products. 


Bruschetta with tomatoes on arrival 

Cheese Selections

Piave DOP - Semi-skimmed cow’s milk cheese from Veneto 

Pecorino Toscano DOP – Traditional Tuscan sheep’s milk, drizzled with honey 

Taleggio DOP – Full cream cows milk from Lombardy, served with cracker and walnut

Parmigiano Reggiano DOP – The king of cheeses, often imitated. We are sampling the real thing, from Emilia-Romagna 

Gorgonzola DOP – Italian blue cheese from the regions Piedmont and Lombardy, served with cracker and pear 

Altri Piatti 

Buffalo mozzarella on skewers with tomatoes 

Spaghettata cacio e pepe 

Cannoli with ricotta 


$55 + HST & TICKETING FEE: $66.44

Gaia Massai at her family farm, Fattoria di San Quintino, in the Chianti region of Tuscany.  

Gaia Massai at her family farm, Fattoria di San Quintino, in the Chianti region of Tuscany.