Back by popular demand, this is our second Italian cheese tasting event with my friend Gaia Massai, a leading expert in Italian cuisine. Gaia was born, raised and educated in Tuscany. Today she's a wine and olive oil producer and a regular lecturer on Italian food at the Institute of Culture. 

Guests at this event will sample cheeses from a variety of Italian regions, learn about their history and how they’re made, and get practical tips for buying, storing and serving these products. 

I will prepare a light meal to complement the tasting - incorporating ingredients like buffalo mozzarella, ricotta,and parmigiana DOP. 

As always you are invited to bring your own wine for the event!


Bruschetta with tomatoes on arrival

Cheese Selections

Piave DOP - Semi-skimmed cow’s milk cheese from Veneto

Pecorino Toscano DOP – Traditional Tuscan sheep’s milk, drizzled with honey

Taleggio DOP – Full cream cows milk from Lombardy, served with cracker and walnut

Parmigiano Reggiano DOP – The king of cheeses, often imitated. We are sampling the real thing, from Emilia-Romagna

Gorgonzola DOP – Italian blue cheese from the regions Piedmont and Lombardy, served with cracker and pear

Altri Piatti

Buffalo mozzarella on skewers with tomatoes

Risotto cacio e pepe

Cannoli with ricotta


You are invited to bring your own wine to enjoy during the tasting! 

$60 + HST & TICKETING FEE: $72.00

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