The sunshine and warmer weather are making me nostalgic for home and so many memories growing up (and eating!) in Southern Italy. So've I've decided to do a last-minute supper club featuring my favourite home dishes - including a few street foods that are very typical of the region. It's going to be a special night because it was 10 years ago in May that I hosted my very first supper club! 

One more thing - don't forget you can come with me and taste these dishes yourselves on my culinary tour to Southern Italy in September! 




La f’cazz (focaccia barese)

My constant companion when I was a kid at school, our version of McDonald’s, only a bit tastier

Sgagliozze fritte (polenta fried in olive oil)

If you visit old Bari today, Maria is still there making this typical street food. This is the only way we eat polenta in my part of the world!

Panzerotti (mini calzone stuffed with mozzarella, provolone, tomatoes and basil)

When I was a kid my family would get together to have a "panzerottata", a panzerotti theme night where everyone helped out. It’s something I try to recreate on my culinary tour. Panzerotti for me means family and neighbourhood street life, so many great memories.   


La parmigiana di melanzane (Barese-style eggplant parmigiana)

I took this with me on picnics and school trips and many other occasions, my mom would put it on a sandwich or with pasta or on its own.

Carpaccio di polpo (Octopus carpaccio)

This is the “new kid” - this dish is only 15 years old in Puglia but it’s become a standard in our cuisine. One of my favourite ways to eat octopus!

Burrata cream with roasted tomatoes

This dish is a little older - invented in the 1950s in Andria, a 40 minute drive from where I grew up.

Le bombette (Pugliese-style pork rolls with scamorza cheese)

This is a standard at typical Pugliese “bracerie” - a kind of restaurant you would call a “Grill” in English.


I cavatelli colle rape (handmade Cavatelli with rapini).

Pasta and rapini is THE authentic dish of Puglia. I make it like my mamma taught me.

La pappardella alle fave bianche (handmade Pappardelle with white fava purée)

One of my mom’s best friends, Tonia, taught me this incredible dish. Pugliese cucina povera at its best!


La spigola al sale con salsa di olio e limone (sea salt crusted sea bass with olive oil & lemon)

A classic Italian dish that has become very popular in the past 20 years

La Zampina (homemade Barese veal sausage on green onions)

Another great invention from the skilled butchers of Puglia, a small veal sausage with cheese, tomatoes and basil.

Fagiolini, pomodori e ricotta salata (beans with tomatoes and salty ricotta)

I don’t remember it so well, but mamma says she had this dish just 2 hours before she gave birth to me.  

Insalata  (salad)


Sporcamuss’ (warm puff pastry with Chantilly cream)

In dialect this means “dirty chin” because you’ll always get some icing sugar on your face!

Caffè Leccese (chilled espresso with almond milk

A refreshing specialty drink typical from the city of Lecce, usually drunk on hot days.