I'm very excited that my mom, Francesca Bruno, is coming for a visit next month! Like me she has a lot of energy, so we have booked a special edition of the supper club to keep her busy!

Tonight you are in for a treat - you will enjoy some of my favourite childhood dishes made by the master herself!


Focaccia barese

Francesca Bruno’s parmigiana di melanzane

Insalata di polpo (old-style octopus salad with lemon and olive oil)

Bombette di maiale (Pugliese pork rolls with caciocavallo and arugula)

Riso, patate e cozze (typical Pugliese dish with mussels, rice & potato)

Cuore di burrata (creamy burrata cheese hearts)


Cavatelli colle rape (my mom’s version of Puglia’s most famous dish)

Spaghetti con pomodori al forno (my favourite pasta growing, simple and rustic)


Cotolette di vitello con funghi, peperoni (veal cutlet with mushroom, peppers and white wine)

Verdure con menta fresca (my mom loves mint in her vegetables)


Pizza di Ricotta (my mom’s version flourless ricotta lemon cake)

Fichi con mandorle (dried figs stuffed with almond)

Bring your own wine to enjoy with the meal. Primitivo and Negroamaro are the most comon wines from Puglia you'll find at the LCBO.