The bold flavours of Calabria are one of the best kept secrets in Italian cooking, and as a Southern Italian myself I love making the great dishes from this region!

Just like the landscape, Calabrese food is full of striking contrasts – the freshest meats, seafoods, produce and cheeses, but also ancient methods of preserving, which is why so many delicious dried, cured and marinated foods come from here. Mamma mia, che sapori!



Piatto di sopressata e pecorino and 'nduja crostini (typical calabria style sopressata style salami with sheep milk cheese from Crotone) 

Involtini di melanzane - Eggplant rolls with buffalo mozzarella  

Polpette di Ricotta (Ricotta balls in tomato sauce) 

Involtini di Tonno (sushi grade tuna stuffed with olives, capers and tomatoes) 

La Peperonata (charcoal roasted peppers and potatoes)


Maccheroni al ferro with porcini, sausage and 'nduja

Pasta e ceci (broken fettuccine with cheakpeas)  


Braciolone alla Silana (stuffed veal rolls with tomatoes) 


Spicy Rapini


Amaretti cookies, ricotta-stuffed bignè


Bring your own wine to the event. I suggest a Calabrese Magliocco or Cirò