• Bob Rumball Manor (map)
  • 2395 Bayview Avenue
  • North York, ON, M2L 1A2
  • Canada

The tradition continues!

Every summer we take our Italian Supper Club outdoors to enjoy our favourite summer dishes sotto le stelle (under the stars)!

The highlight of the evening is la fiorentina - Florentine steak, grilled over charcoal and with just a touch of olive oil and sea salt.

As always the event will take place at the scenic Bayview Manor House, an oasis that makes you feel like you’re dining in the Tuscan countryside!

Panzanella toscana

Salsiccia barese (grilled Barese style sausage)

Stracciatella di burrata con pomodorini (crema di barrata with roasted cherry tomato)

Insalata di orzo con zucchini e peperoni (orzo with zucchini and peppers)

Polpo grigliato con crema di patate - Grilled octopus on potato purée

Cavatelli al pesto di pistacchi e pomodorini (pasta with pistachio pesto and fresh cherry tomato)

La bistecca fiorentina (Florentine steak) 
Caponata di peperoni (caponata with peppers and celery)
Insalata fresca (green salad) 

Cannoli rotti (broken cannoli)
Watermelon sorbet
Caffè freddo

Bring your own wine to enjoy with your meal! 

$110 + $23.83 HST & TICKETING = $133.83

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