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  • Canada

The food of my home region has a special place in my heart - I love cooking them for my friends in here in Toronto! 



Focaccia Barese

White fava bean puree with Spinach and crostini 

Octopus Carpaccio

Burrata heart "stracciatella" with Cherry Tomato confit  and Basil 

Eggplant Parmigiana 


Handmade Cavatelli with Rapini and Anchovies 

Spaghetti con Pomodori Arrostiti (Spaghetti with Oven Roasted Tomatoes) 


Homemade Barese Sausage 

Sea Salt Branzino (Salt-Crusted Sea Bass)


Grilled zucchini and mint



Flourless Ricotta Lemon Cake with Strawberries


Bring your own wine to enjoy with the meal! 

Wine suggestions: Primitivo is the best known red wine from Puglia, it's little sweet and full bodied. We also make some other great wines from the Uva di Troia and Aglianico regions that are dry, full bodied and more complex than Primitivo.

It's hard to find white wine from Puglia in Canada even though we are one of the largest producers in Italy, but if you can find it, "Fiano" is one of my favourites. 

$110 + HST & TICKETING FEE = $120.46

Making Sea Salt Branzino 

Making Sea Salt Branzino 

Octopus carpaccio 

Octopus carpaccio 

Cavatelli con rapini 

Cavatelli con rapini 

Flourless lemon ricotta cake 

Flourless lemon ricotta cake