Without a doubt, Sardegna ("Sardinia" in English) is one of the most beautiful and unique regions of Italy. And since it's an island and also a little far from the mainland, Sardegna's culture and food are a bit different than the rest of Italy. 

Dishes like fregola (toasted semolina) and malloreddus (a kind of cavatelli pasta usually served with sauage) are typical of the region, and Sardegna is also known for its delicious zefferano (saffron), some of the best in Europe and featured in many tradtional dishes.  

I really can't wait to cook this food and explore this wonderful region, it will be a great supper club! 


Focaccia, of course!

Carpaccio di pesce spada  (swordfish carpaccio with crostini, arugola and tomatoes) 

Melanzane ripiene (stuffed eggplant with mozzarella, tomatoes) 

Impanada (meat pies with saffron, pork, olives and sundried tomatoes) 

Funghi fritti (fried oyster mushroom) 


Fregola ai gamberi  (toasted semolina with shrimp) 

Malloredus alla salsiccia (cavatelli with sausage and saffron ragout)


Branzino alla vernaccia (seabass & olives simmered in white wine) 

Zucchini in agrodolce 

Fave e pancetta 


Seabadas (panfried ravioli with fresh pecorino and hot honey) 


Please bring your own wine to enjoy with the meal!


$110 + $23.83 HST & TICKETING = $133.83

Fregola ai gamberi NL .jpg