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  • 507 King st east
  • Toronto
  • Canada

Menu du Jour

Apéritifs et l'

Gougères (Baked Savory Choux)

Palmiers de Tapenade(Pastry rolls stuffed with olive spread)

Shooters Vichyssoise(Leek and Potato soup shooters)

Flammenkueche or Tarte Flambée (google it!)

Brandade de morue feuilletés(salt cod and olive oil with puff pastry)

Niçoise Salad (you know this one)

Foie Gras Salad (and this one too!)

Le Plat Principal

Boeuf Bourguignon (Burgundy Beef)

Dauphinois Gratin (Potatoes and crème fraîche gratin)

Les  Desserts

Jalousie Pear Almond Cream Chocolate

Tatin tart (upside down fruit pie)

Crème caramel

Chocolate Truffles

BYOB:  Have fun picking up your favorite bottle of French wine, it shouldn't be a problem.

Price for the event $85 plus hst and event fees.

Eventbrite - "Un Dîner en France" avec Chantal

It's wonderful to meet someone who sees  food in the same way I do, with no "Ball Sheet".  This is the love of her life, she can't stay away from  the kitchen. When she came to one of my supper club, I was having tough time to make her sit instead of being in the kitchen which of course I didn't mind at all. Than I thought  that having a nice supper club with a special guest, Chantal at my studio. Such a nice idea. This way we could  learn from each other but also to show that Italian and French can get along even if we're both crazy. You see, we both love Fromage and Vino too much.  Chantal made an amazing menu, where I honestly can't wait to help her and eat as well. It will be a tour of France, where Chantal highlight some classic dishes of French classic country food, all served family style, just like my supper club and at my usual table! I am pleased to welcome Chantal at my studio. Here is a note from her:

"When Italy and France meet, the best way to do is likely around a supper table... These two countries are blessed by generous and gourmet landscaping, have a lot in common : Alpes Mountains and Mediterranean Sea, but also good wines, country products and farmers ! ... And mamas and grand meres in front of the stove for long hours every day, to cook and feed their family ! And all that make large and convivial tables and build memories for life ! Share with Massimo and Chantal a supper of this kind ! Welcome to "Un diner en France !".

She also wrote a  book: French Taste in Atlantic Canada – 1604-1758: A Gastronomic History while the name says a lot about the book, just click on the title to get more info.