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Discover one of the most Mediterranean areas of Italy, my home region of Puglia!

In this region you will find Greek, French and Spanish influences, in fact it is said that the diet of Puglia is considered the one of the best in Europe because of its perfect mix of meat, fish and vegetables, and of course, some of the best olive oils in the world.

Puglia is dependent on its agricultural roots which are expressed in its "Cucina Povera", the Poor Cuisine, made from inexpensive, homegrown ingredients that are full of flavour and diversity.

Sample menu for the event:

Eggplant parmigiana  rolls

Homemade Cavatelli pasta with rapini

Sea salt crusted Spigola(euro sea bass)

Stuffed meatballs with mozzarella

Flourless Ricotta lemon cake

You are invited to bring along your own wine to enjoy along with the meal you will prepare.