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  • Canada

Northern Italian food has been one of the great discoveries of my culinary journey. I'm from one of the most Southern regions of Italy and for me it was unknown until I started my reginoal supper clubs and had to learn what Northern Italians really ate and loved. I'm so pleased to have learned some of the finest recipes from the region and to have learned more about my own country, and can't wait to share this with you! 

Here it is a sample menu for the night: 


Trota ai funghi e tartufo (trout with truffle and mushroom) 

Risotto al barbera (red wine risotto) 

Homemade tajarin pasta with butter and sage 

Brasato al barolo (brasied short ribs with red wine) 

Gianduja chocolate souffle 


You are invited to bring your own wine to enjoy along with the meal you will prepare!