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Sunday, March 15, 2015 

It’s been a few years since my last visit to CHIN TV, so I was long overdue to spend some time with my friends Andrea Trentadue and Massimo Nicoletti, and the CHIN team! 

Today we made a nice maccheroni al ferro, served with porcini mushrooms, sausage and ‘nduja, a very popular dish I created for the Calabrese Supper Club I recently co-hosted with my amici at CucinaTO.



Huffington Post 

June 2014

17 Italian Dishes You're Probably Saying Wrong (VIDEO)

"Italian food is hearty, carby and delicious, but sometimes, all those double letters on Italian menu can make pronunciation a bit difficult ... In the video above, Chef Bruno teaches us not only how to actually say these dishes, but also how to look like a pro the next time you're faced with an Italian menu."

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Toronto Life - The Dish 

January 2014

Fancy Feasts: top Toronto caterers who will cook the perfect dinner for one or 100

It takes three hours to eat one of ­Massimo Bruno’s colossal family-style dinners. The chef, who grew up on the southern Italian coast, spends a whole day preparing a cavalcade of heaping, simple Puglian plates...

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Breakfast Television

Che settimana! (what a week!) I was very lucky to be on a segment at breakfast television with Dina Pugliese, we talked about some summer dishes idea like the not fried Zucchini parmigiana, the panzanella salad and some nice orecchiette with cherry tomatoes and arugola, those are the dishes that I love in the summer and also for everyday. Dina  was very helpful to make me feel comfortable in her kitchen, next time I might wear heels then…..ahaha. 


Last month I was lucky enough to be guest at CHIN TV for 3 segments of Festival Italiano di Johnny Lombardi, I had the chance to make some nice Cavatelli pasta with rapini and anchovy and some nice “Polpette di Ricotta” (Ricotta Balls). Me and the host, Andrea Trentadue had a great time making pasta together and also shared some Barese Joke since her father is from my hometown. Thank you for the Chin crew, they were very nice with me, they treated me like a chef……you know how I feel, I’m an homecook overall. The clip will be on in the next month to watch the full episode. Stay tuned.


Here I am on CHIN TV!

Toronto SUN TV

January 27, 2012

Massimo talks about the idea behind his supper club, a more family-style experience than restaurant eating, and makes a nice Orecchiette con Rapini. 


The Toronto Sun

January 29, 2012

Massimo shares tips about olive oil and a few of his favourite dishes with Sun Food Editor Rita DeMontis.  

The Toronto Sun

The Toronto Sun


Zoomer Magazine

May, 2012 issue

Massimo's tours to Italy are featured in the travel 98. Check it out!


Travel Hot News

My culinary tours are featured in "The most important travel industry news magazine in Canada"