Introducing Product of Italy iPad App with Massimo Bruno

Whether you’re making a single dish or a five-course meal, this innovative iPad app makes it simple and fun – just tap and choose dishes from your library to create the perfect menu.  

The dinner planner combines all your choices into one easy-to-follow work flow, so you don't have to worry about steps or setting timers - it's all built right in.  


Massimo has created dinner plans for regions all over Italy, so you can create regional menus or mix and match dishes from all over the country. 


Every region pack comes with an interactive HD video recipe by Massimo. You can personalize by adding bookmarks and notes right in the video. And if you have Apple TV you can easily watch episodes on your TV while accessing all the app’s tools on your iPad.

Shopping is also easy with the planner’s grocery list, and you can share dinner plans and cooking adventures with friends right from the app. It even lets you create personalized playlists! 

To learn more about the app or download a free introductory dinner plan, just click the link below to visit the iTunes Store.